3 Austin tech companies share how they created their core values | Built In Austin

www.builtinaustin.com, March 28, 2017

Establishing core values can be tricky for businesses both young and old — especially when trying to ensure those values are neither generic nor unrelatable. In fact, many companies will update their core values as the business matures, adapts and changes. We reached out to three Austin companies to learn more about how and why they built up the values they did, and how they make sure their team lives by them. TicketCityView Profile »FollowDespite being founded in 1990, TicketCity recently decided to update the team’s core values. A group of employees from various departments, including management, content, PR and HR, collaborated on building the new values, identifying and amplifying what’s most important to the team as they work with each other and with customers. Caitlin Sullivan, who works on employee engagement and culture at TicketCity, was a part of those conversations and filled us in on the details. What are TicketCity’s company values?Empower ourselves, provide reliable


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