Somnio’s Director of Sales & Marketing Featured on B2B Growth Show Podcast

Gloria Cordova, October 25, 2016

Steve Meier

Somnio’s own Steve Meier, Director of Sales and Marketing, is featured on Jonathan Green’s “B2B Growth Show” podcast with the topic of “Being Helpful: The Greatest Tool for Sales and Marketing.”

On the broadcast, Meier focuses on how unlocking the key to sales is the same one that builds relationships.

“Just be present and helpful. No matter the business or product, all sellers and marketers are faced with similar challenges,” said Meier.

Some of the concerns Meier addresses are how sellers can differentiate themselves when the margins of differentiation are razor thin and how sellers can stand out in front of a target buyer in the age of the empowered consumer.

“Those who succeed do so because they have stellar relationships with their customers, built on a foundation of trust and rapport. But it all starts somewhere,” mentioned Meier.  “The single most impactful event that grew Somnio by 300% in two years is when we stopped selling, and started helping.”

Download the podcast here to learn more from Meier regarding how Somnio was able to pivot from selling to helping and how any business can follow the same simple steps and start unlocking sales.


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