Account-based marketing in B2B

ABM Bringing Sexy Back To B2B

During a presentation at the recent Forrester Consumer Marketing Summit about relevance and consumer marketing, George Sadler shared an anecdote that showed how easily an enterprise relationship can be upended by a data disconnect. The story: A young college student had a negative experience with the customer service department of her laptop’s maker. That weekend,…

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brand campaign B@B

The Anatomy of a Global B2B Campaign | CMO Strategy

A successful marketing campaign combines customer intelligence and “how to get there” storytelling. If we focus on being helpful and building a strategy around solving problems, our audience will be more prone to listening… Lauren Flaherty, CA Technologies’ CMO. Credit: CA Technologies Most Popular When you spy the occasional B2B ad campaign that is both…

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Making martech usable

There are 5,000 different technologies in the Martech Landscape. And those are divided into over 50 different categories. It’s a lot to deal with: analytics, web technology, CRM, marketing automation and many, many other types of marketing technology. Within a marketing technology stack, you can easily have dozens of layers, and each software package has…

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Hey, CMOs: Who owns your brand?

Can we create a tribe of brand loyalists in B2B? For a lot of reasons, the answer is yes. But it requires a change in mindset… I speak a lot about the ongoing battle for the heart and mind of the customer and the role that brand plays in this important fight. For all that…

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AI Google Lens

What it Means to “Google” Just Changed Forever

Google’s announced machine vision, Google Lens, will change UI/UX as we know it. Using your browsing and search history, Google can predict what we want to do (or “google”) before we even ask. AI is predicting user behavior and morphing interfaces around what you intend to do. Keep an eye out. This is only the…

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How interactive content can help marketing

How to market your brand using interactive native content

Native advertising and interactive content both offer online marketers unique advantages. Native advertising, which is the standard name for creating content that blends seamlessly within its natural surroundings, can bypass dreaded ad blockers and provide a pleasant experience for users, and is predicted to drive 74 percent of all display ad revenue by 2021. Interactive…

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digital consultancy

Consultancies Are Shaking Up the Marketing Industry | News

Marketing is in the middle of a metamorphosis. Symptoms are all around us as news breaks monthly about a consultancy acquiring yet another agency. Bottom line is that agencies don’t grow businesses. Great products and brand relationships with customers grow the business. Consultancies buy agencies because we need an intelligence-driven approach to great creative. But maybe they got it backwards. Agencies need to grow consultancies to prepare for this next phase…

Facebook users hit 2 billion. Digital marketing needs to pay attention, especially in B2B

Facebook nears 2 billion users as mobile accounts for 85% of ad revenue | Netimperative

Facebook attracted 1.94 billion active monthly users in the three months to the end of March, as the social network saw its mobile ads dominate revenues during another record financial quarter. The figures indicate that a quarter of the world’s population now uses Facebook every month, with most of the new users coming from outside…

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