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80% Of B2B Buyers Turned Off By Aggressive Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing have yet to align with how the modern B2B buyer wants to engage with businesses, according to new research from Dun & Bradstreet. The report, titled “The State Of Sales Acceleration,” surveyed 312 B2B buyers and 300 sales and marketing professionals. It found that while sales and marketing professionals understand the importance…

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5 futuristic advertising channels and the first rule of advertising dynamics

The average American sees several hundred ads a day (PDF) as they peruse the internet, watch TV or consume other ad-supported media. Surprisingly, this number has remained fairly constant since the end of World War II. We may see ads in different places today than we did years ago, but the number of ads isn’t…

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Here Are 20 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts From Digital Marketing Pros

A couple weeks ago, I asked my 2,500-plus LinkedIn connections for do’s, don’ts and other tips about successfully using that social networking platform, which has achieved an impressive return to prominence in recent months. Dozens of suggestions flew in as comments on my call-for-submissions posts, via direct messages on the site or into my Adweek inbox. From that flurry…

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Marketing vs. Sales: Their Major Difference and How They Work Together

If you missed our last blog on “Death of the B2B Salesman”, here is another opportunity to learn about how sales and marketing must co-habitate to win in the digital age. This blog come courtesy of our friends at tenfold: Business guru and well-known provocateur Tom Peters once addressed a crowd of over 400 sales…

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Are you making a mistake by focusing solely on new customers?

Most business owners are focused on acquiring new customers, and due to this, our content strategies often target new prospects. What about the customers we already have? Should they be part of the equation? Definitely. A new customer is great — it’s an opportunity to expand your overall customer base, and hopefully, grow your revenue.…

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Maybe the marketing funnel is dead, too — and here’s what can replace it

In my last column, I explained why you should probably stop thinking about marketing in terms of campaigns. It used to be that you created marketing collateral and could never touch it again — but digital marketing lets us constantly iterate and improve what’s out there. And if we can iterate, we should, since improving what’s working is…

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Only 3% of Companies’ Data Meets Basic Quality Standards

Most managers know, anecdotally at least, that poor quality data is troublesome. Bad data wastes time, increases costs, weakens decision making, angers customers, and makes it more difficult to execute any sort of data strategy. Indeed, data has a credibility problem. Still, few managers have hard evidence or any real appreciation for the impact of bad data…

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Are You Accurately Measuring Your Company’s Digital Strength?

There are few business leaders around the world not thinking about digital transformation in some shape or form. Whether improving omni-channel commerce or developing digital extensions to product lines, businesses are working out how to drive profitability through digital. But traditional metrics might underestimate the impact of digital, leaving companies vulnerable to aggressive competitors or…

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5 Facebook algorithm hacks to up your content marketing game

It’s a question that plagues every content marketer: How do you increase engagement on Facebook? Contributor Sweta Patel shares tips to help you boost your content performance on the platform. Do you feel like Facebook has become an ever-changing circus show and you’re bending over backward trying to learn new content tricks — like being…

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Agile Marketing: Buzzword or Top Strategy for Fast-Paced Marketing Teams?

Agile software development, Agile organizations, Agile management. And Agile marketing. You’ve seen the word grace apps and articles alike, all promising speedy execution, self-directed teamwork, or massive ROI. And you might be thinking: “This has gotta be a buzzword. When will it die down already?” But is “Agile marketing” really just an overhyped term for…

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