Account-based Marketing

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing is a strategic marketing strategy where key business accounts are marketed to directly, as units of one (compared to the typical one-to-many approach). In essence, high-value accounts or prospects are identified, key stakeholders in these businesses are targeted, and then marketing strategies are implemented through various channels to appeal to their specific personas…

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5 Ways Marketers Can Effectively Hack Instagram

With 500 million daily users Instagram offers marketers a world of opportunity, if they know the rules that is. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg The introduction of Instagram’s algorithm rewrote the rules of the platform and sparked outrage from influencers who deem the algorithm as creatively debilitating. Despite the outcries, Instagram hasn’t changed its stance on showing…

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5 marketing technology trends CMOs need to master for 2018

As you put together your marketing strategy for 2018, there have never been more tools and tactics fighting for your budget. Technologies considered emerging over the last several years are beginning to peak as marketers inch closer to realizing the full potential of AI, machine learning and voice search. Privacy concerns over tracking and data…

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The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy

SEO can be complicated — in many cases, overcomplicated. How many ranking factors are involved in generating strong organic search results? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Two hundred? A quick search for “SEO ranking factors” will give you all of these answers and myriad others. There is a lot of information out there. And the reality is,…

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6 tips for a successful 2018 content strategy

For many organizations, it’s the beginning of the fourth quarter. That means planning your editorial calendar and content strategy for the coming year is likely at the top of your to-do list. After all, research from the Content Marketing Institute indicates that having a documented content strategy is one of the primary factors that separate the most…

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How to Create a Ferocious Unique Selling Proposition | WordStream

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be the only player in your industry (say, the only dedicated supplier of lion-taming equipment in North America), you’ll need to differentiate yourself from your competition through your unique selling proposition, or USP. A strong, instantly recognizable USP can make or break businesses operating in competitive markets and niche marketing…

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The ROI of recommendation engines for marketing

Netflix’s long list of suggested movies and TV shows is a fantastic example of a personalized user experience. In fact, about 70 percent of everything users watch is a personalized recommendation, according to the company. Getting to that point hasn’t been easy, and improving on its recommendation system is an ongoing process. Netflix has spent…

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Why Subject Matter Experts Crush Salespeople And Order Takers

In my 2017 Trends article, I described the rise of the subject matter expert — a unique kind of sales professional who serves more as a trusted advisor than a stereotypical salesperson (or worse, order taker). Rather than coaxing a sale, this new breed of sales professional uses her expertise and influence to coach decisions based on the customer’s needs, not her own. Subject…

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Is Your Content Creating the Emotional Connection Your Audience Needs?

Imagine that you’re walking into your local animal shelter. (Don’t worry — I promise this isn’t some Sarah McLachlan-style trap.) As you walk in, most of the dogs you see are the same on the outside; they’re pretty cute and probably good animals, and they’re all looking at you with their big puppy-dog eyes. But…

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