6 Trends That Will Shape Our Visual World In 2018

Header image by Hayden Williams/Stocksy/Adobe Stock. This article is part of’s December series about 2018 predictions and trends. Click here for more. The team at Adobe Stock has been looking ahead. We’ve been tracking the visual conversation around the world—from shows and galleries, to brand campaigns, to our own stock collection—to put together a list of the…

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Marketing Conferences To Check Out In 2018

If you’re looking to build meaningful industry connections, learn about the latest marketing trends straight from the experts, and re-energize yourself and your team with new ideas, then a good conference can be your best friend. Whether you’re hitting the conference circuit this year as a keynote speaker yourself or as an attendee, industry events are deeply…

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Facebook moves to ‘fix’ the News Feed by de-emphasizing commercial content

Facebook has had a tough year. Despite the fact that revenues are soaring, engagement has declined, and there’s less personal content sharing on the site. In addition, the societal discussion around Facebook has turned sharply negative since the election of 2016. Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his goal for 2018 was to…

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The power of sales enablement

B2B Sales Enablement: Steps to a Powerful Strategy in 2018

Marketers today wear a TON of hats; demand generators, creative directors, analytics junkies, the list goes on. With a focus on B2B enterprise marketing, we’ve been seeing an uptick in demand for more effective sales enablement strategies that can scale to worldwide teams and partners. Often, the request comes in the form of tactical tools…

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Building Up Sales: Trends To Watch And Implement In 2018

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Cause A Shift In Sales Outreach I don’t think GDPRs will be a doomsday for sales and marketing departments. Instead, I believe a focus on learning about and working with the new rules surrounding key terminology —”consent,” “right to be forgotten,” “opt-in,” “sensitive personal data”— will be the main effort…

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2018 could be the year AI kills spam and redefines data science

There’s no doubt about it — artificial intelligence is here, and it’s poised to make a tremendous impact on virtually every industry. While many companies already recognize AI as a competitive advantage, this perception will only increase as the technology matures and organizations gain an even deeper understanding of its capabilities and full potential. To help you…

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What Sylvester Stallone Can Teach Us About B2B Branding

If you’ve ever questioned why you need to take control of your own branding strategy, look no further than the career trajectory of everyone’s favorite slack-jawed actor, Sylvester Stallone. In the early ’70s, things weren’t going well for Stallone. His acting career had stalled so badly that he had to sleep in bus stations and…

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Why B2B Advertisers Need Facebook

Most B2B advertisers will look at LinkedIn first, but guess what? For most B2B advertisers, we’re finding that Facebook generates exponentially more leads at a more efficient rate. Business-to-business advertisers have long prioritized search-engine marketing as their primary digital path to new customers. With at least one study now showing social media to be a…

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Why Great Experience Design Starts With A Story

Sometimes, words are worth a thousand wireframes. Every experience design firm uses a set of common tools to begin the process of uncovering design opportunities. First, we perform or review user research to understand who the users are and why the experience will be important to them. Second are personas. This process of fleshing out…

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