Whether it’s being a loyal friend, a champion ping-pong player, a perfect checkbook balancer or an ultimate grilled cheese creator, there’s a special ability inside each one of us that shows itself when the time is right.

When we walk in the door, those powers go to work, transforming us into a strong, bold, inspirational team of ultimate Somnians. Our powers are displayed in the work we do, and collaborative environment we cultivate.


Somnio is a proud equal opportunity employer.
If you feel your own superpowers could be used for something greater, like talking integrated design strategy while balancing your Outlook calendar and your breakfast tacos, consider reading on and learning a little more about Somnio. We may have a place on our team for someone extraordinary, just like you.


Casual Work Environment

Our open, collaborative office combines creative areas for working together and casual areas when it’s time to chill.


Gym & Amenities

Our LEED-certified campus features a full gym, covered parking garage and walkways, and outdoor seating areas for a green outlook and lunch breaks in the sun.


Games & Activities

Shuffleboard and ping pong provide fun stimulation and a little healthy competition to keep things from getting dull. Dull is bad.


Offsite Events

Getting out of the office is crucial from time to time, and our group outings provide a chance to build, collaborate and break out when it’s time for a refresh.


Paid Days Off

You’re not just working for the weekend anymore. Paid time off accrues with hours worked, providing plenty of time to escape to your happy place for a well-deserved vacation.


Savings Programs

Planning for the future is crucial at any age. We provide 401K, Medical Savings, and Dependent Care plans that build confidence and let you focus on today as you save for tomorrow.


Food Trucks & Happy Hours

Food trucks are a way of life and local trucks visit regularly. We also have a fully stocked healthy kitchen, bottomless coffee, full bar happy hours and more. Never go hungry, never be thirsty.

Health Coverage

We take pride in taking care of our people. Employees are covered with medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short term disability and long term disability insurance options. Work, worry-free.



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