SFA Alumni (Somnio Execs) help pioneer digital marketing through Austin-based company

www.sfasu.edu, December 14, 2017

Bright blue and yellow accents stretch the length of the Somnio office’s open communal workspace. Hushed conversations hover above the rows of six-person, collaborative desks lined perpendicularly against floor-to-ceiling windows.

The modern space resembles something from Silicon Valley, replete with glassed-in meeting rooms, a virtual reality area, and a cozy break room with tabletop shuffleboard and a nearly full-service kitchen. The office’s innovative atmosphere is reminiscent of the company’s beginnings when three SFA alumni started the digital marketing company at a time when marketing was done almost entirely in print.

“No one was doing digital back then,” said Harold Valderas ’91, Somnio CEO. “It was all print marketing. In fact, our very first offering was on a DVD because that was digital then even though it was a physical object. A lot of agencies just did print or newspaper ads and just learned digital recently, so we definitely were ahead of the curve.”


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