Does Personalized Content Work for B2B Marketing?

Inbound Marketing sites often helpfully provide lots of advice on using personalized content for Business-to-Consumer industries—like retail shopping or restaurants—which is great for those businesses, but what about B2B? There are big differences in what B2B prospects prioritize when it comes to their purchasing decisions, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon the “personal touch!” How can you successfully personalize B2B marketing?…

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Innovative culture, entrepreneurial skills and managing stakeholders: how to achieve innovative success | B2B Marketing

cultures, developing entrepreneurial skills and budgeting for innovation success Off the back of Malin Liden’s talk, ‘How to influence people: The marketing innovator’s guide to success’ at B2B Marketing’s InTech 2018, the VP at SAP Experience was met with inspired leaders wanting to know more about how she created an innovation-centric team, from forming an innovative working…

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6 essential values B2B leaders will need in a digital future

Workfront’s Heather Hurst explores six core values and leadership attributes essential to the shifting digital world of work In today’s environment of constant digital transformation, B2B marketing work is growing increasingly complex. This is partly because of the exploding number of data, analytics, and automation tools now available, promising unprecedented insights into every aspect of the…

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How does design strategy work within a large enterprise?

Last October, I visited my alma mater, the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding program, which teaches graduate students about the intersections of business & design. Whenever I visit, there’s always students that have questions about what I do, both as an IBM’er and a Design Strategist. Most recently, I was asked by a…

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How Digital Natives Are Changing B2B Purchasing

The cartoon of business-to-business (B2B) buyers depicts gray-haired executives and purchasing agents in meetings, on the phone and lunching with their vendors. Conversations focus mainly on negotiating price and payment terms. But along with fax machines and long golf games, these features of B2B life have all but disappeared due to the astonishing change in…

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5 ways intelligent content will change B2B marketing | B2B Marketing

Think about how the world has changed around you. Data drives everything. Around 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years, and it’s showing no signs of abating. That’s an incredible amount of information when you think about it, so it’s no surprise businesses are struggling to make any sense of it – let…

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Generation Lead: What to Expect When Planning Lead Generation

Written by: Stefanie Thompson, Digital Producer – Somnio Solutions Despite the age range, these leads do share common pet-peeves in this golden digital age. Remember the shrill sound of a landline disrupting dinner or a knock on the door after settling into the sofa? Well now there are a new set of shared, cross-generational grievances…

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4 B2B Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2018

The new year is coming fast, and the best way to prepare — and stay ahead of your competitors — is to anticipate upcoming trends in B2B marketing. Just like the previous years, marketers will have to continue to deal with tangible growth and ROI pressures in 2018 as well. Here are four emerging marketing…

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3 Ways AI Can Make The Most Of Mobile Data

There’s no arguing that smartphones are firmly entrenched in our everyday lives. In fact, recent Adobe research found that consumers spend the same amount of time sleeping as they do consuming content on their smartphone devices. And while the phone provides a means of connecting with consumers wherever they are, customers have always been one step ahead…

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Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences

We’re all aware of the immense impact that technology has had on the ways in which consumers interact with brands. Think about some early inventions—such as the telephone in 1876 and the television in 1926—which gave businesses an easy way to connect with consumers on a more intimate level, from the comfort of their homes.…

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