All about that Bass

by superadmin
August 8, 2018

We are fearless. As one of Somnio’s six core values, that fearlessness and passion for trailblazing helps define us as an agency. Every Somnian, from intern to executive, aims to challenge the ordinary, color outside the lines and prioritize the originality in everything we deliver. With each addition to our team, these qualities are exemplified in and out of the office. Bass Phillips, our creative director, truly embodies what it means to be a fearless creator and leader.

“I am a lifelong learner,” says Phillips, “When you work in B2B advertising, you have to immerse yourself in the technology.” In a climate of technology that continually evolves, Somnio has fostered a continually growing environment for lifelong learners like Bass. The “newest, life-changing” technology is only truly “new” and “life-changing” for a short period of time. When the marketplace finally understands a product, there is another one released that improves on it. “In the last 10 years, social media and social strategy have become an important part of the digital marketing world,” says Phillips, “I’ve been part of some pretty seismic changes.” Bass is eager to respond to our changing world and deliver original results inspired by those changes. This unique background makes Phillips the perfect candidate for Somnio’s creative director. “I would say that the best work I’m going to do is what happens next,” says Phillips.  We definitely agree.

Finding new recruits for the Somnio team means finding individuals who represent our core values and have a drive to learn constantly. “Somnio is really diligent about who they want representing their brand,” says Phillips. Even after just a few weeks, Bass sees some discreet goals forming and knows how to make a positive impact. And we know that his time here at Somnio will be nothing short of amazing. The Somnio team looks forward to growing and learning alongside your leadership. Welcome to Somnio, Bass Phillips!