How to stand out in the new age of DIY content

by superadmin
June 15, 2020

The Beforetimes

Content creators once sat together in their offices with an abundance of physical, technological and collaborative resources at their fingertips for any and all projects. That all changed — as did the rest of the world — when COVID-19 sent all non-essential workers and their projects home. The need for high-value content, however, never stopped.

DIY Content is the Real WFH Battlefront

Luckily, technological capabilities have kept teams virtually connected — platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts provide a lifeline — and pipeline — for consumer-facing communication. So, with the need to create original content with limited resources, we find ourselves turning to the internet for inspiration. And the surge of content out there, frankly, all looks the exact same. How can you differentiate your brand messaging in this new age of DIY content?

The Power of a Makeshift Center Stage in Your Living Room

Some brands might briefly pause their content development to reflect on previous work and keep an eye on other companies’ strategies for adapting and reacting. But when the stream resumes, you must be ready to work with what you have. That might mean employing stock footage, family or teammate photoshoots, animation tools, TikToks, and so much more — use what makes sense for your brand. A survey by Unruly found that 88% of consumers want to hear from brands during these uncertain times. When live-action, on-location productions aren’t possible, successful production teams respond by creating engaging content through video to make their brand’s voice heard.

Makeshift studios are popping up to safely host photoshoots, socially distant interviews, productions, and virtual events. The shift from in-person to digital events has driven keynote speakers, SMEs and thought leaders to take their own shelter-in-place center stage in their home offices, kitchens and living rooms.

Infinite Global even created a short guide to help individuals get ahead of any video interview appearances, as well as to provide tips to turn their homes into makeshift recording studios. A bed sheet goes a long way as a backdrop when shooting at home, and homemade content oozes authenticity, because for the first time it truly is a collaboration of stories. Each tells of how creators are producing at home — and what it can mean when we get back to work.

Learn more about how DIY video content can keep your brand’s audience amused and informed

 Interaction is Key

Research shows that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Creating authentic, creative and fun content using WFH setups humanizes your B2B message. Keep your audience engaged by switching up narrators, virtually telling a broader story with more voices. Get creative and stand out — VOX- and collage-style videos are leading inspirations for making differentiated brand videos that are never boring.

According to a Meltwater study contracted by Heartbeat, social media use is up 83% since March 16. Design content accordingly and take advantage of intense social media use by posting video content on your brand’s Instagram and Facebook channels.

Instagram stories are a great place for Q&As, open conversations, quizzes and other interactive opportunities. In fact, 68% of respondents seek content that answers their issue/pain point (up 4% from 2018). So reach out to your customers and listen to what they have to say. Content like that makes a measurable impact for your brand.

Doing Good Can Create a Lasting Impression

Brands also have an opportunity to state their purpose and create content supporting philanthropic acts not limited to helping those affected by COVID-19. It’s also a great time for brands to shift into cause marketing because according to Entrepreneur, 87% of consumers would shift their loyalty to a brand that stands for a good cause. Capturing and portraying the good your brand is doing creates a powerful, positive thing — so long as your brand is genuine and authentic. Leave the sales pitch out for once, and connect with your audience through stories that lead to meaningful conversations.

Keep the Content Coming and Keep Your Audience Connected

Brands continue to have a voice because creators continue to release authentic content designed to be interactive. Digital creators have stepped up to the plate and continue to do so every day. Keeping your audience’s attention during these chaotic times will be challenging. So let them know how your brand or business is dealing with this new normal. Stay relevant, be authentic, and form meaningful connections with people all over the world — right from your couch.

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