Somnio brings brand stories to life

For clients like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bluewolf and IBM, we create connected stories that resonate and engage with smart, effective work made for human beings. Take a look at how we do it.

    For Thermo Fisher Scientific, we merged the Water Analysis and Water Purification messages into a singular narrative. By exploring audience needs, challenges and goals, we were able to focus and differentiate a legacy brand, reinventing how their industry-leading innovations are presented.

    We began by building the relationship through face-to-face workshopping that brought our teams into their world. Gaining firsthand experience with the work they’re doing helped us communicate it authentically and accurately to their audience. We gathered insights and defined goals that guided the strategic groundwork. From empathy mapping and persona development to charting the customer journey and the story arc, strategic insights drove our next steps. Every asset was designed to create lasting impact by resonating with the humans receiving the message. That’s why our work matters.

    Client workshop
    Hands-on collaboration strengthens relationships, grows knowledge and drives strategy.

    Market strategy
    Planning is key to brilliant executions, so every insight gained from workshopping plays a role in targeting and delivery.

    Intelligent creative
    With concepts inspired by strategy and differentiated by empathy, our work resonates and gets results.

    Empathy, strategy and creativity are the cornerstones of our work. To make the benefits of the IBM Insurance Platform relevant, we reveal the human story of the platform. Each video brings an authentic humanity to the platform features, illustrating the real value of the tool to the real people who rely on it.

    Telling stories in film is a complex endeavor. Somnio brings many techniques together to create video assets with the power to cut through the noise. Initial concepts and scriptwriting set the scene, driven by the strategy behind the project. From there, we develop storyboards and set designs, and consider voiceover and onscreen attributes. Digital details, like animations, help illuminate how the technology works. We cast talent who represent the people behind the products and choose locations that reflect real-world applications and scenarios. The human side of insurance platform technology is where the best stories live.

    Getting and keeping audience interest is a growing challenge for any business. To make it happen for Bluewolf at their Dreamforce event, Somnio created a unique, engaging digital experience that invited users to share professional experiences. Useful, personalized results help them get more value from their investment in Salesforce. We went big and bold, and made an impact.

    For the Bluewolf team, we wanted to create an interactive experience to intrigue, engage and deliver in an event scenario. We designed a digital experience with captivating, kinetic design and a provocative voice that inspired attendees to share their personal experiences. Those insights helped Bluewolf tailor recommendations to users through savvy personas created to reflect their professional prowess and goals. This combination of inspired design and intuitive content elevated the experience beyond an assessment into something truly valuable.

    Somnio creates brand stories that inspire people to take action.

    Let’s find new ways to reach your audience.