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B2B marketing is evolving. That means the roles of B2B marketers are evolving too. At Somnio, we believe the best work is done when the skills match the challenge. We also believe that each agent possesses unique skills and talents that may not be easily categorized, but can be clearly and effectively applied for the greater good. You may be an experienced creative with a specialty in metadata. You may be a talented biz dev professional with a gift for client presentations. You may be a UX/UI designer with an innate ability to strategize campaigns. Every challenge is unique, therefore every unique ability has its place. This might be the place for you.

the perks

A few of our benefits

A place to think, work and do

Our open, collaborative work environment brings culture, creativity and strategy together with plenty of room to work, think and chill.

Smart amenities for beautiful days

Our LEED-certified campus boasts a full gym, parking garage, covered walkways and picnic areas for street tacos in the sun.

Keep mind and body busy

Shuffleboard and ping pong provide fun stimulation and a little healthy competition to keep things from getting dull. Dull is bad.

Get out of the office

Offsite events build on the collaborative team spirit we bring to life in the office. Find out what you have in common with fellow Somnians.

Balance happiness and productivity

Cultivate your skills without compromising yourself. Enjoy your world and bring what you learn back to the drawing board.

Build a future

With compensation, PTO, benefits and coverage, Somnio makes pursuing your career goals gratifying, productive and fun.


You have unique challenges. Let’s turn them into unique solutions. Tell us your story.