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Somnio Currents™ provides practical advice that can be applied to storytelling methodologies, experiences, content strategies, sales enablement and more. Explore new ways to evolve your brand and change the conversation about what makes you different by connecting with audiences through humanizing B2B. The team at Somnio works to identify relevant and even re-emerging marketing strategies with fresh perspectives that can help transform your brand. 

The Currents

Be human

Share your brand’s mission by telling connected stories that engage your audience. Communicate with your audience authentically by striving to inspire and leading with your purpose, not a pitch.  

Credfluencers lead the way

Credible influencers, or credfluencers”, have the powerand influence, to communicate your brand story with consumers. Identifying the right people to represent your brand requires research, time, and strategy. 

Amuse and inform

 Understanding your audience means learning how to connect with them in engaging ways. Keep your audience amused and informed with interactive and immersive experiences that engage the viewer. 

Inspire customers and partners alike

Join the conversations happening where partners and consumers are linking up. Identify any existing gaps in your program’s resources so you and your partners can work in tandem for mutual success. 

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