Lead with your purpose, not your pitch.

Be human

Connect to people by leading with your purpose

Human beings want to support brands they can believe in. When companies lead with their inspiration instead of their offerings, customers appreciate their integrity and become advocates that drive ongoing growth.

Cultural Current

Purpose-driven companies are better at engaging employees, attracting customers and driving loyalty

Operational Current

Unite departments — development, marketing, sales, support and beyond — to devise and embrace a statement of vision and purpose that clearly communicates brand purpose

Tactical Current

Align internally to plan and execute organization-wide, empathy-driven tactics and deliver authentic, connected stories that support why they exist


Build engagement with empathic strategies

Strategies built on empathy and audience insights help focus messaging and engagement on what matters most to customers. Use personalization and recommendations that show you’re listening. People want to support a brand, not just buy a product.

Workshop with your workforce

  • Identify the right people in the business to workshop brand culture, values, purpose and vision
  • Utilize team exercises, brand research and reports to support and validate brand workshop findings
  • Turn what you learned from your teams and your research into strategies that align resources around cohesive, authentic messages

Consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands

– Accenture –

Standard, profit-driven brands achieve 86% of brand valuation every 12 months — compared to purpose-driven brands whose efforts result in 175% growth over the same period of time

Employees of purpose-led companies are twice as likely to report higher job satisfaction

– HBR –


Express your brand purpose to establish trust and expand your audience

As a purpose-driven brand, the inspiration driving your organization is bigger than leads or products. Your content marketing should authentically express why you exist, reflected by your actions as a company. Brands that communicate their purpose-driven DNA successfully engage more loyal customers and attract more talented, dedicated employees. And they see continual growth in valuation — because they lead with integrity.

Here’s how to merge strategy and empathy into your brand

Internal methods:

  • Design thinking sessions
  • Customer-driven product development
  • Cross-functional alignment workshops
  • Branding architecture

External expressions:

  • Product messaging audits
  • UX/UI audits
  • Personalized interactions and touchpoints
  • Brand social responsibility and volunteer efforts

58% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase in store or online when a retailer recommends options for them based on their past purchases or preferences.

– Accenture –


Smart personalization engines are being used to recognize consumer intent, enabling digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%.

– Gartner –


Humanizing your brand story

Enterprises are recognizing that telling bigger, more connected stories to individuals cultivates relationships and builds brand loyalty. They see that smart, personalized experiences drive growth. This means creating marketing assets that build relationships.

SmarterPapers: interactive assets for connected stories

SmarterPapers are slick interactive assets designed to provide self-driven, knowledge-sharing experiences that reward people with relevant information. Video, polls, infographics and animation can be incorporated into SmarterPaper content to bring complex topics to life in ways people will remember. And using this variable asset shows you appreciate your diverse audience’s different learning styles.

Turn customer insights into customer experiences

  • Provide interactive content to start conversations and broaden reach
  • Connect stories across content platforms
  • Use behavior mapping to guide intuitive UX/UI designs
  • Craft data-driven MDM, AI, ML and NLP campaigns