Consumers are smarter than ever. How are you keeping pace?

Credfluencers Lead the Way.

How to reach consumers who don’t want to be advertised to

People are realizing they have control over the amount of advertisements they’re exposed to. This has driven brands to experiment with how they reach their target audience by using organic, non-intrusive ways. Enter Credfluencers: unaffiliated users with unbiased, consumer-valued opinions that interact directly with potential customers. Credible, trusted influencers, or Credfluencers, have become an important platform for brands to authentically reach and engage with their customers on a conversational level.

Cultural Current

Consumers crave unbiased opinions from people who use the products and services they’re interested in

Operational Current

People are now opting out of unwanted ads with ad-blocker technology

Tactical Current

Find Credfluencers who can supply authentic and engaging content for your brand


Consumers crave unbiased and easy-to-digest content from credible sources

People don’t just want to hear about how great a product or service is from the brand — they also want to hear about it from someone who presumably has nothing to gain from sharing their honest and reliable opinion. Credfluencers like Connor Krukosky, the “Mainframe Kid,” deliver genuine content that potential customers not only value, but trust. Krukosky is a collector-turned-IBMer who became a main source of information for many tech consumers after buying, disassembling, and rebuilding a 1,500-pound IBM mainframe.

A B2B content consumption survey revealed that in the last year, preferring credible content from industry influencers is up 30%.

Global Web Index 2019

Peer reviews have grown 13% as the second most valuable content resource for researching B2B purchases before deciding, with product demos being number one.

Global Web Index 2019

B2B brands that have successfully leveraged Credfluencers

Mainframe Kid

Credfluencers like Connor Krukosky, the “Mainframe Kid,” deliver genuine content that potential customers not only value, but trust


Break through the clutter with Credfluencers

Ad-blockers are giving consumers an easy way to avoid annoying and irrelevant advertisements, leading brands to find and use unique ways to organically reach their target audience, the Credfluencer. A Credfluencer is the evolution of the typical consumer influencer.

Credfluencers lead the way in purchasing decisions because they are knowledgeable resources that have an understanding of the industry/topic/product and can provide valuable insight that can be applicable to your role/business/industry.

47% of global users utilize some form of ad-blocking technology today.*

48% of those who utilize ad-blockers say they were simply receiving too many ads.*

32% of those who utilize ad-blockers are between ages 25-34.*


You don’t have to be Simon Sinek to have a valuable opinion

What if we lived in a world where unbiased, user-generated content reigned supreme? The future is now. Consumers are turning to vlogs, blogs, how-to videos, podcasts, and more when making purchase decisions. Credfluencers bring organic, fresh conversations that can make your brand’s content not only relevant but engaging. It’s time to learn how to amplify your brand’s outreach by leveraging Credfluencers.

The influence of customer references and testimonials is up 7% since 2015 as the most significant driver of the decision to select the vendor of choice.

Forrester via SiriusDecisions 

Only 15% of B2B companies today are implementing influencer marketing campaigns.

Upland Software 

Questions to ask when considering a Credfluencer for your brand

  • Is this influencer credible?
  • Does this influencer connect with your target audience?
  • Does this influencer represent your brand (attitude, tone, company values)?
  • What industries does this influencer attract?
  • What psychographic and demographic predominantly follows this influencer?
  • How will this influencer be an extension of your brand marketing?
How can your brand step confidently into the world of influencer marketing?