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The challenge

Find Bluewolf. Find yourself.

How do you reach out and connect with your audience in a crowded sea of competitors? By showing them something new and meaningful in a captivating, creative way. Bluewolf needed to gather data about how business users engage with Salesforce. From there, we started a natural conversation, introducing capabilities and connecting them to specific offerings. To redefine what Bluewolf could do for users, we had to understand who those people were and help them reimagine what type of Salesforce user they could be.

The approach

Crafting an enlightening experience.

First of all, don’t call it an assessment. Assessments are boring late-funnel lead-gen tools that feel like a chore. This is different. This is more.


Our goal was to bring the Bluewolf brand to life in a hands-on digital experience during the annual Dreamforce conference. A constant drumbeat moves just below the surface—an abstraction of the always-on, always-thinking nature of Bluewolf AI capabilities. The attendees’ responses painted a clear portrait of their Salesforce experience.

New year, new you.

Inspired by the adventurous, guiding spirit of the Bluewolf brand, persona types were developed — Mobilizer, Visionary, Pathfinder, to name a few — each with a description that matched user personality types, experiences and goals. These new “selves” formed the basis of the experience’s results, which included tailored Bluewolf training courses designed to help people build on their skills, achieve unique goals and be more productive. Also included was a 2020 State of Salesforce Report that provided an in-depth look at how the tool is evolving.

The experience

A hands-on, self-driven analysis with purpose.
Here we are, the main event: Dreamforce
  • Dreamforce is Bluewolf’s marquee annual event, drawing thousands of attendees primed to engage in presentations, get hands-on with solutions and have face-to-face conversations about AI strategy and capabilities with representatives in real time
  • Differentiating the Bluewolf brand in this scenario was accomplished by inspiring interaction with kinetic energy and a big, bold, provocative creative approach
  • Once in the experience, visitors took control, moving from question to question, toggling to adjust answers or restarting to explore other outcomes
An ongoing digital experience.
Learning is dynamic, so the experience should be too.
  • Online visitors can take, retake, share and return later for deeper insights and further training
  • Easy accessibility encourages alignment with tailored courses across roles, teams and departments
  • A Salesforce business can find ways to extend its value and evolve how they use the tool with Bluewolf
  • Bluewolf has more to offer visitors — this journey is just the beginning
At the finish, a new beginning.
Not just interesting — it’s useful.
  • Results represent insights into users’ “selves” that create a new professional identity
  • Visitors get a fresh, relevant perspective on how they could be using Salesforce
  • Training recommendations help start a new path, with attainable advancements based on personal goals
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