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The Challenge

Is there a way to introduce modernization on a massive scale, but begin with the importance of the digital details? The AVEVA Digital Factory Experience (DFE) lets visitors explore how AVEVA drives performance improvement for any businesses by giving them an interactive window into operations from the factory floor to the enterprise to the complexity and challenges of the global supply chain.

The Audience

Functional Buyer
  • Data in the hands of the front-line worker, mobility, security
  • Tech enablers: AI, XR, cloud, digital twin
  • Safety & training
Executive Buyer
  • Accelerate digital transformation

  • Sustainability outcomes tied to business value

  • Bring data from multiple sites together for insight

Strategic Buyer
  • Engineer & design

  • Monitor & control

  • Plan, operate, optimize

  • Reliability

  • Zoom to equipment/instrumentation/asset/data level

The Approach

A grand tour of virtual enterprise operations for global industries with relevant insights and real-world examples.  To begin their journey, visitors to the AVEVA DFE choose from a range of industries: chemical, power, consumer packaged goods, and oil and gas. Once selected, the experience presents two paths of exploration: the enterprise level, or the plant level. Each factory experience path is tailored to provide decision-makers relevant insights, data points, and multimedia content that dives deep into the benefits of modernization, success stories from industries leaders, and clickable interactive elements that bring the tour and AVEVA Performance Intelligence to life.

"With AVEVA, modernization is a full-scale process, from assembly line to worldwide shipping. They helped us make it all happen."

– Project Engineering Manager –
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