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After acquiring EMC, Dell was looking to define a new cultural standard for their newly established enterprise. Somnio was asked to help assessing the disparity between the culture codes of both companies and creating content that would inspire new Dell employees to adapt to a concrete set of cultural standards for their organization. Unlike Dell, which is known as a large, centralized corporation, EMC operated as a conglomerate of partnered corporations that would sometimes act in an autonomous fashion. The primary challenge was taking the cultural melting pot of EMC and transitioning all differences to a Dell standard that accommodated insights from the people that made the company great.


Somnio began by seeking to intimately understand the experiences of the employees whose lives would be positively affected by these new guidelines. We mined insight from employees of various levels to gain insight into how Dell defined culture, and what it means to be a leader in the workplace. We created a series of visuals to illustrate what it means to act as a leader and embody the culture of Dell. Our hope was that current employees would resonate with these videos and feel familiar with the message being portrayed, while incoming employees can feel inspired and learn what it means to work for Dell. This close consultation with the human beings at the core of this challenge resulted in relevant, sincere and positive new guidance for a growing enterprise.

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