Script writing
Motion graphics
Live action

The challenge

The IBM Insurance Platform team needed a way to introduce themselves as a new business unit and communicate the robust capabilities of its platform technology. A series of videos that related to an audience of insurers who needed to understand that cloud, cognitive, and blockchain technology worked together on a single platform was initiated. What could elevate these assets? More sophisticated, emotional resonance. We needed our audience to think about how platform technology impacts customer experience with returns that boost the bottom line.


IBM and Somnio collaborated on each script, ensuring that insurers would not just see but clearly feel how impactful the platform can be. A series of short video vignettes were developed, with an overarching video connecting them in a longer form. Each vignette focused on how certain capabilities of the platform enabled insurers: stay connected to consumers via IoT-enabled wearable and personal devices, use data to enhance the targeting of interconnected partner and third-party offers, and better respond to customer questions, events and problems for a more seamless, digitally supported user experience.


The outcome: a series of stories that showed how IBM Insurance Platform technology helps insurers improve business by leveraging what matter to their human customers and delivering more at the point of risk. A small business is able to launch a new benefits package; a diabetic cyclist stays healthy and earns reward points; a historic building covers the irreplaceable architectural features that make it special.

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