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The challenge

IBM was interested in finding a way to create an interactive experience they could debut at their marquee cognitive event during South by Southwest 2016 (SXSW). This event would mark the first time IBM hosted a comprehensive, brand-level event at SXSW. As a key cognitive event, they needed to develop a highly immersive, modern and relevant experience that encouraged—and delivered—measurably large participation metrics from the SXSW community.


Somnio helped guide users through a hands-on experience of how Watson works—and how Watson works for them. The IBM Maker’s Mosaic is a touch-screen application that featured an interactive, personalized tour of IBM Watson Developed Applications. Event attendees initiated the experience by tapping NFC-enabled wristbands on the touch screen. The wristband passed basic information and social data to create a curated experience. As each user explored the different Watson enabled applications, a live feed broadcasted the most-used apps of the event.


Maker’s Mosaic received very positive feedback. Around 22% of clients returned for a second session. The average length of each session was 7 minutes and we had a total of 4,000 sessions.

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