The challenge

If trust in white papers is steady, why has consumption waned?

Digitally native audiences focus on speed and relevance. People have less time to learn and yet want to accomplish more. Consumers want video, case study and white paper-level content in a format that combines their effectiveness and extends their value. They need an interactive experience that moves beyond PDF limitations and that is optimized for mobile consumption.

The SmarterPaper Story

The approach

Introducing SmarterPaper©.

SmarterPapers are an HTML-based evolution of the white paper and the ebook. Hosted online and infused with interactive elements, the SmarterPaper is a mobile-responsive, SEO-enabled, digital long-form content experience that is shareable and links to additional content for extended business value.

The backstory

Content and connectivity, reimagined.

Driven by audience and consumer intelligence, Somnio began developing a unique solution that enabled complex, in-depth content engagement beyond PDF limitations. In an HTML framework, the team developed a digital hub experience that provided the type of content found in white papers with interactive navigation tools, embedded videos, linked case studies and other connected digital content.

The solution

Multiple ways to engage.

No more siloed, flat media files like PDFs or spreadsheets. We saw the need for a modern way to exlore, share and learn from connected content. We sought to reinvent the “asset” by giving it dimension, transforming it into a collection of insights that can inform and make an impact.

Building something new.

SmarterPaper development begins by understanding the client and business need. Our intelligence-based approach and client partnership helps inform a foundation of knowledge. With that intelligence in mind, the team is able to determine the types of assets that would work best when integrated into the SmarterPaper experience.

Measuring success.

SmarterPapers can record user behavior by tracking eye-motion, clicks and scrolls, time on page and engagement time per asset. Analytics help to refine the user experience and identify additional feature assets that can be connected to ensure relevance and utility. In this way, SmarterPapers are like a learning platform that only grow more useful, as opposed to white papers which are static and do not evolve and cannot be reimagined once published.   

The SmarterPaper Story

The results

Why they work.

Somnio has developed SmarterPapers for clients with audiences that span roles, industries and business units.

  • Elevate detailed product portfolios by connecting case studies that show the benefit to people in real-world scenarios.

  • Illuminate complex technological innovations by featuring videos, interactive infographics and recommended articles.

  • Help decision makers find out how their organizations rate with assessment tools and what to do next with alignment assays.

  • Navigate in-depth content by highlighting key points and shareable insights in context, streamlining their time-to-insight.

Any organization can benefit from SmarterPaper capabilities. Create a hub experience with connected stories, drive campaigns and redefine how in-depth content can be made accessible, useful, engaging and resonate for your audience.

SmarterPapers are the go-to asset when you need to get—well, smarter.

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