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The challenge

Somnio teamed up with the LPD team to establish a new precedent for Water Quality industry marketing and product placement. Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking to market their Water Analysis and Water Purification products in conjunction. It was our goal to be the first in the industry to change that.

Historically, Water Analysis and Water Purification products were sold separately and marketed separately. As both Water Analysis and Water Purification have distinct synergies, including industry applications, users, etc., Thermo Fisher Scientific sought to streamline internal and external efforts for both divisions.

Starting with a full-day, in-person workshop with the core team, and continued through countless customer, SME and stakeholder interviews, we were able to consolidate our findings and synthesize the learnings into a buyer’s journey and story arc that set the approach for the campaign.


Boston Workshop

To seek alignment and to extract knowledge that will effectively position water analysis and water purification together, the Somnio and Thermo Fisher team participated within a full day Buyer’s Journey Workshop where participants shared, challenged and generated ideas that would provide solutions to their business needs.

The outcomes of the workshop included:
• Understanding the perception of our competitors and ourselves
• Prioritizing current and potential audiences
• Identifying motivations and activities for our audience(s)
• Creating a framework of our customers’ buyer’s journey

Audience Identification

When developing a marketing strategy, one of the most critical steps is defining the target audience. To level-set who our primary audience is, the team participated in building proto-personas.

Buyer’s Journey Development

Once the workshop was finalized, Somnio synthesized and proceeded to collected information from different sources that help develop and enrich the final Buyer’s Journey.

Story Arc

A story arc is more than a nice, catchy narrative. It holds a lot of weight as it is the foundation of a brand and a strategy for future growth. A story arc goes beyond what’s written in any copy collateral. It is a framework for the purpose, vision and values that inspire the company. Having this sense of ‘self’ is also a great tool to align the organization as a whole, in addition to having an entry into conversing with customers. To understand your story arc, you need to understand the deep meaning of “Why,” “How,” and “What.”


Going deep into client understanding resulted in a fine-tuned campaign powered by targeted audience understanding. Thermo Fisher was pleased with the merger of their water analysis and water purification groups. In addition, Somnio built a new landing page for “Water Quality” and so far it has received the most traffic out of any pages on Thermo Fisher’s website.

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