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The challenge

Thermo Fisher needed to drive marketing qualified leads, increase their marketing database and grow the overall brand presence for their Cell Culture line. To do so, Thermo Fisher’s target market needed to be redefined with new conceptual content that also drove audiences to registration. The overall strategy would be to increase share of mind and drive qualified leads for Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Somnio began by helping lay the groundwork for a full-scale reimagining of Thermo Fisher’s Cell Culture messaging. We began with insights from research and educational content, including industry awareness and role enablement research and development. We got to know the Life Scientist audience, and found they were trying to answer a core, collective question: What breakthroughs are happening in my field
and what can I learn from them?

  • Bringing the answer to them meant building a comprehensive Communication Strategy:
  • Entice the target audience to consume thought leadership content created by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Empower the target audience with actionable insights into the latest researching breakthroughs
  • Demonstrate how the work of life scientists is changing the world
We created a library of digital assets based on conceptual creative:

4 Content-driven lead future paths across campaign (118 new brand assets):
4 Solution-focused expert vignette videos
1 Brand Anthem film
4 Feature articles with layout design
4 Blogs
24 Unique designs turned into 72 unique social tiles
40 lead nurture emails with design 16 weeks of social media posts across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook



Form Submissions: 400 total submissions
Average Time on Site: 90 seconds
Content Syndication: 8,000 readers
Social Media Engagement (TNER)
Twitter > .85%
LinkedIn Paid >.35%
Facebook > 1.50%
Youtube: 40% video retention rate
Email: 27% Open-Rate
5% Click-To-Open Rate


Form Submissions:889
Average Time on Site:180 seconds
Social Media Engagement:10,501 readers
Twitter engagement: 0.91%
Facebook engagement: 1.18%
Youtube: 69% retention rate
Email: 46.01% Open-Rate
Email:5.51% Click-To-Open Rate

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