We craft stories that resonate.

At Somnio, we bridge strategy with creativity to produce compelling videos that express a brand’s purpose and get actionable results. Our in-house team has expertise in all areas of production including award-winning commercials, product videos, motion graphics, and beyond. Whatever the budget, whether it’s remote capture, stock footage, or filming around the world, our goal is to create the most visually captivating story with the most measurable success.


Good documentaries inform. Great documentaries inspire.

A B2B documentary is a powerful way to convey your company’s core values and culture. Through personal stories, uplifting projects, and heartfelt missions, our documentaries help drive positive perceptions, speak directly to your company’s character, and deeply engage your audience.


Our intrepid crew travels the globe to capture compelling interviews, extraordinary natural footage, and everything in between, which we skillfully develop into impactful narratives that resonate from beginning to end.

Solutions and Offerings

Demonstrate how your solutions are unique and why they're a must-have.

Solutions and offerings videos help your audience understand what your product does and how it will help make their business successful. We identify your audience’s pain points to develop novel and insightful ways to showcase your product, emphasize its unique value, and create a clear call to action to ensure your message resonates. Using arresting music, striking visuals, and clever messaging, we give your customers a 360-degree view of why your product is absolutely essential to their business.

Brand Anthem

It’s about who you are—not what you sell.

Brand storytelling is a powerful technique used to express what you stand for in an authentic way. Bold ideas, creative footage, driving music, and motion graphics, are just some of the tools we use to create impactful themes and sharp messaging that elicit brand trust, understanding, and loyalty.


Whether you are looking to increase awareness, change perceptions, or tell an all-new story, our brand anthems help you focus your message, convey your manifesto, and make an emotional connection with your target audience in the most effective way possible.

2D/3D Animation and Explainer

Simplify to see the bigger picture.

Having trouble explaining what you do, how you do it, or why it matters? 2D/3D animated explainer videos can tackle those complexities to create simple, approachable, and engaging ways to clarify the most important elements of your business.


Using motion graphics, expertly designed visuals, and clear, understandable language, we can help you simplify complicated ideas, systems, and solutions in an entertaining and approachable way.