Project Showcase

Across conversations, business units and industries, Somnio delivers work based on an intelligence-driven approach to understanding audiences, driving decisions, and building brand resonance, from business tools and campaign-based programs to enterprise-level interactive experiences.

Maintaining competitive advantage in any industrial marketplace means modernizing operations, but decision-makers for massive digital enterprises may not realize where to begin.

Working with performance marketing, portfolio, and industry leads, we designed the AVEVA DFE to illustrate the power of software to drive modernization, workforce empowerment, business efficiency, and eliminate downtime at scale, from the ground up. Across the chemical, power, oil and gas, and consumer products industries, the AVEVA DFE gives visitors an interactive lens into the power of AVEVA software to improve operations from granular, factory-floor processes to value chain performance across hemispheres. Success stories, data points, infographics, videos, webinars, and clickable hotspots make the AVEVA Digital Factory Experience a meaningful, moving way to discover just how powerful — and possible — real change is for the sustainable enterprise of tomorrow.

IAM solutions are more than a means to grow business. They increase the power of providers to deliver safe, accurate, consistent patient care. Think safeguarding patient data security, boosting IT infrastructure performance, streamlining growing workloads and reducing costs, all with state-of-the-art automated identity access management (IAM) solutions.

To illustrate how IAM solutions impact hospitals and their frontline workers, an immersive digital experience was created. Visitors begin by selecting workflow, compliance, and infrastructure roles. Each path unfolds with a host of interactive elements to reveal how data-driven IAM solutions help securely provision new clinical identities, improve clinical outcomes, boost efficiencies, accelerate compliance, streamline interoperability, and lower healthcare costs overall.

IBM Call for Code

A creative campaign for change,
a story of technology for good 

IBM Call for Code is the largest “tech for good” initiative of its kind. As the world faces unprecedented, interconnected challenges, IBM calls upon developers to apply their skills by creating open source applications that enable positive change through technology.

To inspire developers to participate, we created a digital campaign that speaks to them through influencers they follow, from activists to scientists and beyond. Influencers share Call for Code content that tells the story of climate change warriors tackling big problems with technology, and the outcomes possible when we work together to make a difference. The campaign took the IBM brand a uniquely creative, emotive direction, making an impact with vivid executions based on empathy, not offerings.