IBM Project Showcase

Across conversations, business units and IBM offices around the world, we focus on creating connected stories that resonate. The work is smart, engaging and interesting, which also happens to perfectly describe the IBM Marketing teams for whom we design and deliver. Take a quick look at what we’ve done and how we do it.

Red Hat Marketplace is a developer’s one-stop-shop for certified enterprise software.
DevOps, including application developers, need easy access to approved tools so they can focus on doing their jobs. Until now, only big cloud providers were the standard, allowing developers to build, test, deploy and manage applications and have marketplaces with catalogs optimized for their cloud infrastructure.

But what if there was a simpler way that no longer required going to each provider in the industry? A demand-generation program was crafted to create awareness and a groundswell of new users for the Red Hat Marketplace. The audience, including IT, Procurement and CIO/CTOs, learned that RHM addresses their pain points and is a smarter alternative to consider.

Can healthcare payers predict the future?
What if you could help health plan leaders gain an understanding of their most pressing needs on their transformation journey and the types of solutions they should consider? Health plan analytics leaders face a monumental challenge. They’re using dated technology and have to transform their entire enterprise to meet today’s standards. They find it difficult to imagine an integrated future when their company’s infrastructure is mired in the past and key data is siloed.

This interactive assessment tool was designed and developed to show how Watson Health will help health plan leaders improve member experience, enhance provider collaboration and drive analytic value using predictive tools, AI and data visualization to turn insights into action.

IBM Bluewolf

Dreamforce Event Interactive Experience

Getting and keeping audience interest is a growing challenge for any business. To make it happen for Bluewolf at their Dreamforce event, Somnio created a unique, engaging digital experience that invited users to share professional experiences. Useful, personalized results help them get more value from their investment in Salesforce. We went big and bold, and made an impact.

For the Bluewolf team, we wanted to create an interactive experience to intrigue, engage and deliver in an event scenario. We designed a digital experience with captivating, kinetic design and a provocative voice that inspired attendees to share their personal experiences. Those insights helped Bluewolf tailor recommendations to users through savvy personas created to reflect their professional prowess and goals. This combination of inspired design and intuitive content elevated the experience beyond an assessment into something truly valuable.

IBM Blockchain and Nordea Bank

Transforming trade finance — and trade

It’s easy to think of enterprise leaders on a pedestal, apart from the average human or even working-class manufacturing experience. This is a narrative about bankers changing how business is done. And if they become heroes in the process, all the better. This film project gave us the opportunity to tell the blockchain story in a solution-oriented way and redefine who leaders are — people, driven by innovation who might just be found skating on a frozen lake in Stockholm.

We highlighted the challenges that more and more small businesses’ – and their banking partners face as they get involved in cross border trade. We showed how, a network convened by IBM Blockchain helps them address the biggest one – bringing trust to trade with overseas trading partners that they may never have met before.