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At Somnio, we partner with our clients to help them reach their audience by reimagining the customer experience and understanding their humanity. We create new value, develop new methods and drive meaningful outcomes by making technology resonate with the people we reach. Take a look at how we do what we do.

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It’s mid-January 2020, and it feels like a next-gen Y2K is coming (joking, sort of — technology hasn’t “failed” us yet). What will be different in the year 2020? How will design and technology change in this decade? Or impact my career? Why should I care?   As a Design Lead, I find myself on ...

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White papers. They’re the content you love to hate. Writers often dread them, designers all but disown them and yet—against all odds—people still read them. Why? Because white papers are a rich source of information. In a world where content is king, white papers must surely reign supreme. So why the nagging resistance every time …

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