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Somnio partners with our clients to help them reach their audience by reimagining the customer experience and understanding their humanity. We create new value, develop new methods and drive meaningful outcomes by making technology resonate with the people we reach. Take a look at how we do what we do.

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Revealing the power of the IBM Insurance Platform through storytelling Explore case study
Building hands-on awareness for IBM Cognitive tools Explore case study
Introducing Watson to the world at SXSW Explore case study
Disruptive concepts reframe how IBM connects with CIOs Explore case study

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Let’s be honest: those who work in B2B don’t want to spend more time than they have to making buying decisions. Buying complex software and hardware solutions has always been daunting—and continues to get exponentially more so. In just the past two years, the number of people involved in B2B decisions has risen 25% to …

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We are fearless. As one of Somnio’s six core values, that fearlessness and passion for trailblazing helps define us as an agency. Every Somnian, from intern to executive, aims to challenge the ordinary, color outside the lines and prioritize the originality in everything we deliver. With each addition to our team, these qualities are exemplified …

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