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At Somnio, we partner with our clients to help them reach their audience by reimagining the customer experience and understanding their humanity. We create new value, develop new methods and drive meaningful outcomes by making technology resonate with the people we reach. Take a look at how we do what we do.

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The app Hornet, which caters to the gay male community, has seen a 30-percent increase in social feed engagement since social distancing measures began in mid-March, according to CEO Christof Wittig. And the dating app Tinder reported that it saw more engagement on March 29 than on any other day in its history, with more …

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To Screen or Not to Screen    In a world of stay-at-home curbside dinner orders, toilet paper shortages, and more virtual happy hours than we can count, we rely on a single screen — or many screens — to keep us sane and connected. It's no secret that screen time has dramatically increased since the ...

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